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Wednesday 11 March 2015

The final stage initially planted

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I’ve had some time off work, and the weather has been most suitable for going out and getting some vitamin D. I also went out and got some more plants from Whitewater Nursery, particularly ground cover. I chose some saxifraga, because I have been very successful with London Pride, and also some arabis, because the white variety given to me by my friend Sharon 18 years ago is still going strong. I bought some arenaria montana too. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it looked like it was game enough. Although these are all rock plants, and maybe shouldn’t be planted too near a pond, I have sandy soil and therefore good drainage. I will just have to see how they get on. I thought I would be able to split all the plants into two before planting, but actually only the saxifraga was easily splittable. If they survive a year, I can split them then.

I have left the compost bags over the bare soil, mainly to keep the cats and foxes off, but also to prevent weeds growing until I can fill in the gaps. I was pleased to be able to find a space for my hibiscus Blue Bird. It’s the bare-branched shrub at the right hand side, in front of the blackberry frame. I think it will get enough sun there.

Right hand side of garden, partially planted

Right hand side of garden, partially planted

I removed the branches I had strewn over the new lawn (the branches were there to deter animals from digging the lawn up) and the lawn looks quite convincing now.

New lawn

New lawn

I haven’t yet planted the cherry tree. It is a full-size one, and if I am to find a place for it, I will have to limit its growth. I have been thinking about whether to plant it with a root barrier, or not use it and instead, plant a dwarf. I also want to get at least one more blueberry to replace the one which was cruelly eaten by vine weevil. I want to clean the concrete off the blackberry frame and stain it before I plant the blackberries. Apart from that, there is not much more to do.


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