Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Friday 6 March 2015

The final stage

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It is spring and the sun is out and the frogs are up, and it is time to bring this ship into the shore. The last remaining stage is to plant up the right hand side of the garden.

Right hand side of the garden ready for planting

Right hand side of the garden ready for planting

I have a few large plants to install first, and then I will go and buy some smaller ones for ground cover and for the smaller gaps.

I planted the holly J C Van der Tol just in front of the compost bins, at the right hand side. When I took the holly out of its pot, I found it had hardly any roots. There was no evidence of vine weevil, and it has been consistently treated for vine weevil anyway. The leaves look glossy and healthy apart from a bit of yellow, but there are not many leaves and growth has not been strong. I hope it will do better in the ground.

I also planted the cornus Alba Sibirica, which is the right hand one of the group. Two done, and five to go!


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