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Friday 17 October 2014

Letting the grass grow under my tarpaulin

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Just over two weeks on from sowing the grass seed and covering it up with a tarpaulin, here are the results.

The grass under the tarpaulin revealed

The grass under the tarpaulin revealed

As you can see, the experiment appears to have been a huge success. All but the grass at the very bottom right hand corner of the picture was covered by the tarpaulin until just before I took the picture. The grass seems to be doing even better than the grass I sowed in the front garden, a week earlier, and this may be because the tarpaulin provides some insulation. There is a white streak, which may be because of some leaves getting stuck in a fold in the tarpaulin and blocking the light. The grass shown is in the shadiest part of the lawn. Up at the other end, which gets more sun, the tarpaulin is becoming puffed up in places as the grass pushes it upwards.

There are still more leaves yet to fall, so I am inclined to leave the tarpaulin on for the time being. I will review it next week.


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