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Friday 26 September 2014

Fun with netting

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Today I seeded the area of the front lawn where the cherry tree roots used to be.

The front lawn, seeded and netted

The front lawn, seeded and netted

Before I started, I had to remove three presents from foxes, and I didn’t want any more, so I netted the area. This should also keep any autumn leaves away. It was difficult to arrange the netting because it was an irregular shape. I used three pieces of netting in the end. I also planted some snowdrops and early irises at the edge of the cotoneaster hedge, and some plug pansies on top of the bulbs. It will be nice to have some cheerful colour in winter.

The weather continues to be exceptionally dry. This is great for gardening projects, but rotten for my anti-vine weevil nematodes, which like being a bit damp. I have had to water my garden every few days to keep the soil moist.


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