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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Slope decisions

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The weather and my back have continued to be model citizens, and I finished the digging on Monday. Yesterday and today I carried out the macro-levelling of the area, shifting piles of soil from the far end to the near end, and I think there is approximately the right amount of soil, which is great.

So I started banging in some pegs to help me complete the micro-levelling. This was where I hit a problem. The block edging is not perfectly level. Further, the level does not change uniformly. I knew this already, but up to now I was pretending that I didn’t. So if I want the edges of my lawn to be at the same level as the blocks (which I do) then I need to put a slope on my lawn. This requires a bit of thought.

So I thought a bit, and then I decided to switch my attention to a task requiring lots of brute force and not much thinking: removing the cherry tree roots from my lawn.

Cherry root in front lawn

Cherry root in front lawn

I have so far removed two chunks of root, and there was quite a lot of sawing involved. However, it was easier than removing the Leylandii roots because I didn’t have to worry about the tree falling down while I was sawing through the roots. I may not get to the stage of seeding my back lawn this autumn, but I should be able to finish removing the root in time to reseed the bare patch of the front lawn.

We have had a lot of dry weather, and the soil is as dry as dust in the front. I need it to rain because I have bought some nematodes to kill off my vine weevil community, and they need to have damp soil in order to do their job.


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