Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Thursday 24 July 2014


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I am always taken by surprise by the rate of growth of plants in summer. Moving plants from an unsuitable location to somewhere they like has made a huge difference and the garden is showing the most exuberance I have seen since I started the Renovation Project. This is the path going up the left hand side of the garden.

Left hand side path

Left hand side path

Little Alice Hoffman, who I thought had died one winter, is now enormous and jostling for space with my variegated holly. The geraniums would like to grow all over the path. And the euonymus europaeus is giving next door’s Leylandii a run for their money.

I was gutted about losing the Willowherb Elimination Stakes for the 18th year running.

Willowherb setting seed

Willowherb setting seed

The Blagdon Green Away turned the water brown, which I suppose counts as less green, but didn’t do anything I could detect to the algae. Meanwhile, the watercress is thriving, but seems quite happy to exist peacefully alongside the blanketweed. My next plan is to remove as much of the algae as possible by hand and stick, and then put some barley straw in, which has just arrived by post today.


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