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Saturday 12 April 2014

Four years on

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Today is the fourth anniversary of Dave’s death. The rhododendron I planted on the first anniversary died, so today I planted another one.

The rhododendron, the tortoise and me

The rhododendron, the tortoise and me

Before I planted it, I dug out all the soil and replaced it with soil from elsewhere, mixed with a good helping of ericaceous compost. I never found any evidence of the cause of death of the last one (e.g. vine weevil). I hope that if there was anything lurking in the soil that was responsible for killing the last rhododendron I have got rid of it, and that the new one will do better than the last one. The new one is a dwarf purple rhododendron called Impeditum.

This year’s garden ornament is a tortoise.

Rhodendron Impeditum and a tortoise

Rhodendron Impeditum and a tortoise

RIP, Dave. One day I will finish the garden and get all the algae out of the pond, I promise.


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