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Sunday 28 July 2013

Death of a rhododendron

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I am sad to report that the rhododendron that I planted in memory of Dave on the first anniversary of his death has gone to join Dave.

RIP Rhododendron

RIP Rhododendron

It flowered well this year, but then half of it died, so I cut off the dead part hoping that the rest would survive, but unfortunately it didn’t. I will do a post mortem soon, by digging it up and looking at the roots, but my primary suspect is vine weevil. I shall replace the soil and have another go next spring.

The heatwave has broken. Last night we had a good dose of rain, which meant that weeding this morning was very easy – the soil was soft on the top, but still very dry underneath, so it was easy to shake the soil off the roots. I continued to tidy up, and have now measured the area that I will be developing in Phase 3.

One of my log-effect stepping stones has come unstuck. I’m going to get some adhesive to stick it back down again, but I have decided to wait until after this winter in case any others break away from the foundation, because then I can mend them all in one go. I have such faith in my mortaring ability.


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