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Thursday 25 July 2013

Way to kick a garden when it’s down

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As if the garden and the Renovation Project didn’t have enough to contend with during the heatwave, I have cruelly dealt them a blow by signing up for some extra hours at my job as an Information Analyst at Hampshire County Council. The lilies, bursting into bloom and filling the garden with their fragrance, seem to reproachfully ask, “What have pivot tables got that we haven’t?”

Beautiful lily

Beautiful lily which came free with my J Parkers order last year

A pivot table

A pivot table. Unscented.

And how can you compare fat, glossy blueberries with SQL code?


Yummy blueberries with netting in the foreground. This year they are all for me and none for the pigeons.


Some SQL code. Not edible. Or glossy. And probably safe from the pigeons.

Well, I’ve done it now, and somehow I am going to have to keep the Renovation progressing. For the time being I am continuing to tidy up, taking the rubble to the tip every week, weeding, and cutting back the over-enthusiastic shrubs. The next stage is to measure up the right hand side of the garden and draw up a plan – which at least I can do on the train to work.

Here is some astilbe, which deserves a special mention for keeping cheerful during the heatwave.


Astible surviving the heatwave

(Note for any over-zealous taxpayers: I made the pivot table as a joke. I do not do any sausage-related work for Hampshire County Council).


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