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Sunday 21 July 2013

There is no pleasing gardeners

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Last year I spent the whole time moaning about the amount of rain we were getting. Now I am about to start moaning about the lack of rain and the heatwave. The shallow pond is nearly dry, and the level of the raised pond has fallen by at least 15 cm. For Phase 3 to start, I need to tidy up this:

Right hand side, needing tidying up

Right hand side, needing tidying up

This means moving heavy things about, and I could do with it being a bit cooler. I have also been digging up the remains of the grass so that the turves can start breaking down, and that’s very difficult when the ground is so dry. After taking the picture, I emptied the grey bags, which contained nearly-ready leaf mould, onto the top of the turves, which I piled up in the large hole at the end of the lawn area. I need a few trips to the dump to get rid of my rubble, and then I can start working out what I am going to do in Phase 3.

However, I have been much refreshed by the Morello cherries. I ate them all raw in the end. Maybe when I have more time I’ll try cooking them, but they were really very nice as they were.


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