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Wednesday 17 July 2013

Progress in a heatwave

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We have had hot, dry weather for two weeks now, and I have been doing my gardening in the morning when it’s cool. Mainly, I am weeding, cutting things back, watering, and tidying up the area to the right of the garden ready for Phase 3. I am also making trips to the tip to get rid of the rubble that I definitely won’t need for Phase 3. I used a lot of slabs from the old paths to hold down compost bags to keep weeds and cats off the bare areas while I was working on Phase 2, but now that most of the area is planted I don’t need so many of them. I have been taking advantage of the low pond levels to get the slime and leaves out of my shallow pond. It is much easier and more pleasant than it was in winter.

Today is the date when I officially lost the Willowherb Elimination Stakes for the seventeenth successive year.

Another victory for the willowherb

Another victory for the willowherb

I also found out that Morello cherries taste very nice raw when they’re thoroughly ripe. And that my blueberries aren’t ripe yet.


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