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Sunday 9 June 2013

A tale of two cherry trees

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On Friday I said goodbye to the cherry tree in my front garden. Although it improved a lot after I dug out the rubble under its roots some years ago, it never looked as attractive in the spring or autumn as other cherry trees in the vicinity. It had also been planted too high up, so that there was a slope down to the edging and the roots stuck up out of the lawn. I had been thinking of removing it, but had thought that my neighbour would not like the loss of the amenity. But then my neighbour said that she didn’t like the branches overhanging her drive because the birds sat on them and made a mess on her car, so I asked her if she would mind me getting rid of it, and she said no, so I called in Cedardale, who dispatched it efficiently and humanely.

Cherry tree being felled

Cherry tree being felled

On the other hand, the Morello cherry tree kindly given to me last summer by a student’s parents, has set fruit, and I have netted it in its pot by sticking four bamboo canes at the corners and tying the netting to them.

Morello cherry laden with fruit

Morello cherry laden with fruit

It would be nice if I could plant it in the ground next year, but I don’t have a lot of hope I will have progressed that far by then. Still, today I mortared in another stepping stone, which only leaves four, and then I will have finished the left hand side of the garden.


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