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Sunday 26 May 2013

More like a garden and less like a building site

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I am continuing to plant between the stepping stones. This morning I decided that I might as well install one of the remaining square stepping stones myself, as it can’t be seen from the house and won’t look bad if it’s not perfectly aligned. As usual, I covered it with seed trays to stop myself stepping on it while the mortar sets. Also as usual, I took a long time doing the job, but I’m moderately happy with the end result. I think that, with practice, maybe I am getting slightly better at it.

Stepping stones and planting in far left corner

Stepping stones and planting in far left corner

This is what the whole area of stepping stones and plants looks like so far:

Stepping stones and planting - wider area

Stepping stones and planting – wider area

And I think it looks pretty much as I imagined it. The main problem at the moment is that the cats are digging a lot of holes in the area, so I am having to leave bits of crazy paving all around to help to prevent them doing it. The cat scarers probably have some effect, but they don’t completely work. As the plants expand, this will stop being a problem.


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