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Friday 10 May 2013

The toad and the azalea

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I missed my annual planting of an ericaceous plant on the anniversary of Dave’s death because the prolonged cold weather meant I wasn’t ready to plant anything. So today, on the third anniversary of Dave’s funeral, I planted a red dwarf azalea and put a stone toad next to it.

The toad, the azalea and me

The toad, the azalea and me

I know it is very difficult to see the azalea because it is so tiny, but it is very young and it is meant to be a dwarf.

It has been very windy today and yesterday, and the scent of the apple blossom wafted around as I dug the hole for the azalea. The lilacs are out, and so are other people’s wisterias, and yet the camellias have not finished flowering yet, and even the magnolias have not quite yet shot their bolt. This is the prettiest early May that I remember for a long time.


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