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Sunday 5 May 2013

Belated spring planting

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It is no longer freezing cold every day. I had thought that when the weather warmed up, we would then get loads of rain and still wouldn’t be able to do any gardening, but I was too pessimistic. This weekend and last weekend we have had a lot of dry weather, and I have been getting on with filling the areas around the stepping stones with plants.

Planting between apple trees

Planting between apple trees

The plant midway between the apple trees is an Acca sellowiana, or pineapple guava. I grew it from seed. I also have an Acca in the front garden, but I bought that one as a plant. So far, neither has flowered. To the left of the Acca is a peony, which has been sitting in a pot for several years. I have also planted five winter-flowering heathers to give a bit of interest outside summer. I decided not to think too much about how to allocate my low-growing perennials to the gaps between the stepping stones. I am just going to plant things somewhere, and see what does best where, and move the plants about later if necessary. I am using thyme, Vinca minor, Saxifraga x urbium (London Pride), Phlox subulata and Geranium sanguinem to start with, although I haven’t planted all of these yet.

Tomorrow is going to be the hottest day of the year so far (23C), and I plan to plant some more things in the morning, so I will have to make sure they are very well watered. After that, I will have dramatically fewer pots to water, which will free up lots of time for huge amounts of weeding in between my newly planted plants. Sigh.


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