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Thursday 8 November 2012

The last path

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This week it has been dry some of the time, and on Monday and today I took the path foundations up. I was lucky – the foundation mix was very soft. It must have been at least 5 parts of sand to cement. Each section took only a few taps with the pickaxe to remove, and now, apart from needing to remove the crumbs, the job is finished. The temperature on Monday was ideal for heavy work – just a few degrees above freezing. Today it has been much milder and indeed, a bit warmer than was comfortable.

The path foundations broken up and stacked into piles

The path foundations broken up and stacked into piles

I also made a bit of progress on chopping up the remains of the bay tree, and gathered up some of the leaves. The beech tree next door, whose leaves they are, is now almost bare, so it will be worth putting in the effort next week to get rid of more leaves.

This is a significant milestone, because I have now undone all the things that I now think I did wrong when I had my first stab at making the garden, fifteen years ago. All the hard landscaping has been disposed of and all the plants that were in the wrong place have been dug up. From now on, the only way is forward. Unless I make some new mistakes, of course.

So I now find that the next job is to lay the first four stepping stones. I have the hardcore (lots), cement and sand and there are only three possible reasons for delaying the job. One is that my forearms are a bit trembly from all that pickaxing and lifting heavy bits of mortar, and need a rest. The other two are the weather: heavy rain, or a temperature that is too cold for making mortar.


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