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Thursday 18 October 2012

RIP bay tree

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Today I finally finished murdering the bay tree, and what a job that was. It was often raining while I was tackling the roots with my loppers and saw, but there was shelter from the huge beech tree overhead, and it was hot work, so I think any drops that landed on me evaporated pretty quickly.

The bay tree, uprooted

The bay tree, uprooted

I still have quite a bit of work to do, sawing up the stems into manageable pieces, getting the rootball out of the hole, and filling up the hole. I have managed to fill up the hole where the temporary pond was, so now I just have to fill up the hole left by the bay tree. This month I was hoping to take the path up as well, but that may still be possible if it doesn’t rain all the time. It will be easiest if I can fill the hole first and cover the area with plastic so that the fragments of rubble from the path are easy to sweep up.


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