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Thursday 21 June 2012

Sour cherries

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The rain continues, and I have not been able to repair the shallow pond yet. Maybe we will get a boiling hot October again and I can do it then.

Meanwhile, everything keeps growing, and the Plan is going to have to adapt itself to another new arrival – a Morello Cherry, which was a very kind leaving present from the parents of one of my students. I took a few photographs of myself with it, and chose the one that was most flattering to the tree, not to me.

Left to right: Cherry tree; me

Left to right: Cherry tree; me

I had been thinking about how much I would like a cherry tree that did fruit I could eat instead of just flowers and leaves, and suddenly I have one. I think I will put it at the right hand side of the garden, near the blackberries, or possibly in the front garden. It claims to be capable of reaching a height of 4-5 m, so it will be bigger than the apple trees, but not too enormous. And anyway, I can always prune it. The label has a knife and fork sign with “July. Aug.” next to it, but I think if I make the cherries into cherry ice cream I’ll probably eat them with a spoon. I have put the cherry tree into one of my square plastic pots with lots of organic compost.

I decided that the Phormiums had probably rotted away, and threw one of them into the soil mine, but as I was about to pick up the other one, I noticed it had a couple of tiny green shoots. So I put two bits of path under the pot so that the next ten days’ rainfall will drain away, and maybe it will survive. I put the five pots that contain bulbs aside, as they don’t need to be watered this summer. So I have gained one pot and lost six.

Pot count 58. Very good.


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