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Monday 4 June 2012

Passion flower replacement

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So far the weather has gone from constant rain to blazing hot sunshine to cool and cloudy, and now it’s cool and showery. Obviously the constant rain inhibited progress quite a lot. Less obviously, the cool and cloudy weather has inhibited progress too. This is because the conditions became ideal for me to stain my garage doors, which I couldn’t do in the rain or the extreme heat. So I applied two coats of stain to the garage doors, which took a good few hours that I couldn’t spend gardening, and then we had the Diamond Jubilee, which meant lots of rain.

Today there was only a little bit of rain, and I reduced the pot count by one, by planting the kiwi ‘Oriental Delight’ that I bought from J Parkers in the place where the passionflower used to grow. It’s supposed to be self fertile so doesn’t need a male companion.

Kiwi fruit plant

Kiwi fruit plant

If I had thought ahead a bit more, I would have stained the trellis in 2011, just after the passion flower died. I can’t stain the trellis now because newly-stained trellises are not good for plants. So I will just hope that the trellis lasts a good few more years before I have to replace it. I gave the kiwi plenty of compost and some Rootgrow. I have lots of Rootgrow left because I haven’t been able to use it on the rhododendron or the blueberries.

Number of pots = 64.


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