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Saturday 19 May 2012

Pot reduction season begins

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We have had hardly any rain this week. That is, it has still rained on most days, but not as much as we have become used to. The temperature has been rising to double figures some of the time, and it’s time to think seriously about this year’s Pot Reduction Target. The Pot Reduction season lasts until the onset of the Willowherb Elimination Stakes.

So I took a pot census this afternoon and I found that I had 71 altogether. This includes a few bulbs. I didn’t count the bulbs last year because I was keeping them down the side passage, and forgot about them. This was very bad for the bulbs as they did not get enough light and probably not enough water either, and so this year they did not flower. I decided that it was too labour-intensive to try to keep bulbs going when they are so cheap to buy. So I threw out most of them, and I will buy some more when I am ready to plant them somewhere.

I then planted some Persicaria in a bare patch in the Residents’ planting area, leaving me with 70 pots. I think a good target would be 50.

I was pleased to see that my little oxygenators placed in the new ponds on Thursday have not drowned and are pushing up their leaves and flowers to reach the surface. Good oxygenators. Well done. I think they have started growing already. Nothing stands still at this time of year.

I made an attempt to remove some of the very invasive pondweed from the temporary pond, but I am afraid to remove too much in case I remove some newt eggs or tadpoles. I am thinking that my best bet would be not to try to salvage any of the vegetation to put in the new ponds, but to buy fresh supplies of the Pontederia cordata, iris and waterlily that are currently growing vigorously in it, if I want to have them in my new pond. In autumn, when the newt tadpoles have grown up and the new ponds are full of feathery oxygenators, I can just compost everything in the temporary pond and start again.


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