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Monday 30 January 2012

The start of winter

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A few days ago the Met Office stopped dithering between “freezing cold” and “warm but windy”, and decided to give us the freezing cold. Fortunately we haven’t had any snow yet here in Hampshire, and the forecast is for dry weather for the next few days.

Cold and dry weather is excellent for heaving paving stones and rocks about, but I have hurt my left wrist when manhandling the buddleia last week. This means I have difficulty lifting with the palm upwards. I still managed to lift some paving slabs by holding them diagonally against my body, and I positioned the last three slabs of my ten at the left hand side of the garden, but didn’t line them up accurately or get them level. I also did some sawing up of the Leylandi branches that I cut off last year.

I am still dithering about what I need to plant next, but this is not a problem because it would be better to wait for at least a month and thus give the plants a chance to start their new lives under warmer and lighter conditions. The main problem I have is visualising what the effect of the deciduous shrubs will be on the amount of light reaching the spaces around them. The other problem is that there are too many plants I want for the space available.

I thought that now would be a good time to clear away the leaves and weeds from under the trees by the back fence and make it neat and tidy, because I am going to get the fence replaced with a concrete one that will never fall down. I also thought that if I spent too long clearing up leaves or pulling up bittercress, I would get too cold. However, although the thermometer claimed it was below 2 degrees, I felt almost warm in the bright sunshine, scrabbling about for leaves and beech nut cases in a garden that is not quite sure whether it is winter or spring.


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