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Thursday 17 November 2011

Moving time approaches

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The apple trees are close to losing all their leaves.

Apple trees with hardly any leaves left

Apple trees with hardly any leaves left

This means it is time to start the removal process. This means digging the destination holes first, as it is important (1) to find out if the earth contains any just cause or impediment why I should not plant the trees in it and (2) to plant each tree as soon as possible after it has been dug up to minimise the chance of the roots drying out, getting frozen etc. It is very lucky for the Garden Renovation Project that this is such a mild autumn, as it looks as if I will get in at least another month’s digging before there is any chance of the soil freezing hard.

So I dug two holes. I put two sticks in them to simulate apple tree trunks and see how they would look.

Two holes for the apple trees

Two holes for the apple trees

I think I may have put the trees too close together. I don’t want to move the leftmost tree any closer to the hedge, so I may move the rightmost hole a little to the right. I will think about this next week.

If you were wondering why I don’t plant the trees in a line parallel to the hedge, it is mainly because there is a soakaway between the rightmost hole and the hedge. Also it will be necessary to get access to the hedge in order to trim it, so I don’t want to plant two trees right next to it. So the apple trees have to go parallel to the lawn edge. I may raise up the earth a little behind the rightmost tree and plant some small winter colour plants like cyclamen or pansies. Next winter. When I’ve finished digging.

The pictures are courtesy of my new Panasonic Lumix FS35. As long as I manage not to drop it in the pond, I expect it to supply many more blog pictures over the life of the project.


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