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Saturday 5 November 2011

Water, water everywhere

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We are now having proper autumn, with lots of leaves and lots of rain. The shallow pond has filled up as far as it is going to, and my gamble over the mortar join did not pay off. This gamble was to paint over the mortar around the edge of the pond with Pondseal and hope that the join between the mortar and the liner was watertight. Well, it isn’t. This means that in spring, or whenever we get the next prolonged dry spell, I will have to drain the pond, chisel a neat edge to the mortar, clear out any gunk in the gap, and fill the gap with purpose-made sealant. I am not all that bothered about doing this because (a) I thought I probably would have to anyway and (b) I also want to put some cobbles around the sloping side and I will have to drain the pond before mortaring or glueing them in place.

I was slightly more disappointed to find that the repair of my second water butt has not worked. It is dripping steadily from the base of the strip that I stuck over the hole. However, the repair of the first water butt is still holding, and the repair of the second is still an improvement, as the second water butt joined to it has been able to fill to the brim, which never happened before because the water drained out of the first water butt too fast. I decided to stop the leak temporarily by emptying out all my water butts into the raised pond, which seems to be holding water nicely. The water is now about two inches above the marginal shelf. I estimate that this is about one-third full. By spring it should be completely full, no problem.

And the final disappointment is that my lovely Canon G9 camera has got an E18 lens error, which means that the lens won’t retract fully when the power is turned off. You would have thought that this would just mean it won’t fit in its case any more, not that it won’t take any more photographs, but unfortunately it won’t work any more. I have tried all the suggestions on the Internet except taking the camera to bits. In my experience, nothing good ever comes of taking things to bits.


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