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Friday 23 September 2011

Pond time

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I have done a little earth moving this month, but the next stage is on hold until the apple trees go to sleep and I can dig them up. Meanwhile, the weather has been much kinder than it was in the summer. I mended my second water butt and so far it is holding water. But even more importantly, this is an opportunity to tackle the ponds.

The shallow pond after the first coat of waterproofing

The shallow pond after the first coat of waterproofing

You can see that the construction of the shallow pond mainly uses pond liner, with some render applied to the side of the block edging. The pond will not fill beyond the join between render and pond liner. So today I have applied some waterproofing compound to the render. I do not know whether this will allow the pond to fill completely, because it could be leaking from the join between the render and the pond liner. But I am pretty sure that the render needs waterproofing. For one thing, every time it rains, a small amount of it washes off into the pond, making a yellow-brown sludge. So I have decided to waterproof the render and see what happens. I have a suspicion that this pond will require frequent maintenance. Some of the render is very thin and is bound to crack and fall off this winter. I can see myself having to drain the pond every spring and patch up the render and apply more waterproofing. Still, applying waterproofing is not too bad a job. The paint goes on easily, and the brush has to be cleaned with cellulose thinners, which smell heavenly.

And next, if the weather continues to be dry, I will lift up the tarpaulin and take a look at the raised pond.


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