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Thursday 25 August 2011

Why my apple tree needs a Wi-Fi connection

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My freezer is full of Discovery apples and the raspberries my parents kindly brought when they came to visit last weekend. I looked up on the Internet when the apples on my Charles Ross tree should be ripe, and all sources said September or October. Despite the obvious enormousness* of the apples so far, I had hoped that Charles would be able to hold off until perhaps the first week in September, but no – when I went into the garden this morning I found two of his apples lying on the ground. So I took a large bowl and picked all the others that were easy to twist off.

Charles Ross first fruits picked on 25 August

Charles Ross first fruits picked on 25 August

My point is that if only Charles had had an internet connection, he would have known not to produce any fruit until next week at the earliest, which would have given me a bit longer to eat some of the things in the freezer. But I have enough room to freeze what I have so far, and most of the apples look as if they are in good condition, so should keep for a few weeks while I work my way through all the yummy puddings. I also need it to stop raining for a bit so I can do some digging and create the need for some extra calories.

*Enormousness is the correct word. Not enormity. Although the freezer space is a problem, the tree is a nice tree and has not behaved atrociously.


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