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Friday 22 April 2011

Pretty thuja all in a row

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Today I decided to go for it and plant the six thuja in the trench despite the fact that hot weather was forecast. As I learned last autumn, planting trees of that size is no joke. As last autumn, I got better at it as I went along, but it was still a very long job. In the process I lost my trowel. I think I may have buried it while planting. I am afraid it will just have to stay there because there is no way I am digging the plants up again to look for it. It was part of my comprehensive 21st birthday toolkit present from my parents, and has had a long and productive life. May it rust in peace.

Thuja row viewed along the fence

Thuja row viewed along the fence

The observant reader will notice that there is a gap in the hedge in the following picture. This is because I didn’t dig the trench quite wide enough. Rather than doing some more digging, I decided that I would plant five of the thuja and put the sixth one in later, as I was getting quite tired and I wanted to make sure I finished the job. In fact, I didn’t quite manage to fill the gaps with soil up to the required level, but this was not such a bad thing because I could then fill up the hollows with water and thus give the trees a really good soaking.

Thuja viewed at right angles to the fence

Thuja viewed at right angles to the fence

Leylandii leaves are well known for causing a rash on contact with exposed skin. I had been wondering whether thuja leaves are just as bad. After today’s session, I think I can say, “Not quite.” I have red mottling all up both arms, but it doesn’t itch or feel sore.

I now have 140 pots – a reduction of 3.4%. And there is a lot more space on my patio now.


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