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Thursday 21 April 2011

Root removal complete

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It’s been such a lot of work, but just when I was thinking I would never finish removing the Leylandii roots, I suddenly did.

Trench for thuja

Trench for thuja

I am now ready to plant the six thuja in the trench. This is not something I expect to complete in one session, but you never know. I could give it a go tomorrow.

The warm, dry, sunny weather continues. I really cannot remember when it last rained. This is good in that I can take every opportunity I have to work in the garden, but bad in that I have to do such a lot of watering. I have counted my pots, not including the bulbs in the side passage which I am leaving to their own devices. I have 145 pots. My aim is to reduce this by 50% by the end of June.

The weather forecast is for more dry weather well into mid-May. This has caused me to think again about my pond plans. If May is hot and dry, then the advantage of planting in May rather than, say, June or July, is reduced. Perhaps I will paint the pond in May instead of July, even though this will mean less planting progress (because I will have less time to do the planting). After all, we may have a very rainy summer to follow this exceptionally dry spring. And it would be nice to get the tarpaulin off the pond and have some water and plants in it instead.


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