Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Thursday 28 October 2010

Nearly ready

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I have had a busy week and not much time for gardening, but today I attached some wire netting to the fence.

Netting placed in front of damaged fence panel

I realise this is probably the most boring picture in the whole blog, but I do like to have pictures in my writing, since there is not much conversation to be had with plants. The netting is very tough, and I have attached it with screw-eyes and wire to the fence panels either side (that way, I don’t have to screw in more eyes when the fence panel is replaced). It is possible that the foxes will damage another fence panel to get in and out of the garden, but I hope that they will jump on top of the compost bins and make their exit that way, thus not causing any damage.

After I had drawn my chalk lines, it rained, quite heavily. All the Tesco chalk was washed away, but the lines made with my tailor’s chalk remain. It must be different chalk.


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