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Friday 15 October 2010

I feel it coming together

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We are now having a dry spell, so I have had a couple of long stints in the garden. Yesterday I moved most of the plants off the patio and tarpaulin. Some are standing around the pond.

Plants around the pond

Some are standing around the greenhouse.

Plants by greenhouse

Some are standing on the old path by the side fence.

Plants by side fence

And there is now hardly anything left on the patio.

Hardly anything left on the patio

The plants in front are the pelargoniums, which I will keep until the first frost. The other plants are six thuja, the buddleia, the magnolia, the pieris, and the largest of my rhododendrons. They would be very heavy to move elsewhere, and I think they can be slid out of the way when the works start.

So that was what I did yesterday. Today I did some more surveying. I checked the measurements I made this time last year, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they weren’t bad. Last year I used a large folding 45 degree triangle. This year I used Pythagoras and the Cosine Rule. The triangle obviously did a good job. I also used masking tape on the patio. I am not sure whether this was a good idea or not, so I also used a dressmaker’s pencil which I bought from Allders for 75p before it went bust. I started working out where the pond was going to go. The plan says the pond has to be most of a 3m square, which I thought was scarily big, so I thought about having a 2.5m square instead. But when I marked out the pond using the raspberry frame struts which I had saved in case they came in useful, and reminded myself that the walls have to be 30cm thick so that they can be sat on, 3m didn’t seem so out of proportion after all. And I will have big shrubs near it, like the eleagnus and rhododendron. I will put my measurements into my carefully drawn plan on graph paper using Excel, and see how it looks there. And if it wants to rain tomorrow, that’s fine – I am too stiff and achey from all that plant and tape measure moving to be up to any more practical work at the moment.

Where the pond will go


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