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Thursday 24 June 2010

The front side border matures

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We’ve had a few weeks of almost uninterrupted sunshine. I can’t remember when we last had a sunnier spring and summer. I have been falling in love with my Hebe, which is covered in blue-purple flowers. It’s a bit noisy, with all the humming going on from all the bees visiting it, but very beautiful.

Hebe in full flower

Hebe in full flower

In fact, the whole of the side border at the front of the house is maturing very nicely. The Trachelospermum jasminoides (that’s the great leafy thing in the foreground) is just coming into flower, as is the non-dead Jasminum officinale (behind the Hebe). The foxes haven’t dug up the pulmonaria recently, and there is getting less and less room for weeds. All good. The magenta flowers at the end belong to some lychnis, which self seeds itself in different places every year – I even saw some in a neighbour’s front garden a few houses along the road. I think it prefers sun, so it made a bad choice growing at the end of the passageway, but it seems to be making the best of its situation.

The side border at the front of the garden

The side border at the front of the garden


2 responses to “The front side border matures”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Helen, Can you tell me the exact name of thi blue Hebe above? We are trying to find a blue one and most of the pics we have found they don’t look as blue/purple as yours!

    Thank you

    • Helen says:

      Hi Sarah,
      It’s Hebe Youngii Carl Tescher. Pictures aren’t always faithful to the colours, but this one is very blue/purple indeed.

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