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Sunday 4 April 2010

Another tarpaulin deployment

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After last week’s sunshine bonanza, we have had a week of water. I managed to get out on Friday to tidy up a bit. I replaced the tarpaulin in the middle left of the garden with a bigger one and used the original tarpaulin to put on top of the area in the centre, where the viburnum used to be. I couldn’t lay them out very neatly because it was windy and they kept billowing out when I tried to fold them. I have also stacked up some of the chunks of path foundation out of the way (see the pile at the right-hand edge of the picture). I need to chop some of them up with my pickaxe because they are so very heavy to lift.

Deployment of another tarpaulin

Deployment of another tarpaulin

I still have not seen a single cat in my garden. I found some droppings in the middle of the path of the cat repeller a week ago, but I think they were from a fox. The battery hasn’t run down yet, despite me forgetting to turn off the device on the day Graham the window cleaner visited.


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