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Friday 26 March 2010

Viburnum RIP

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The weather has been unsettled, but I have been lucky and have been able to do three sessions of digging this week. I have dug out all the viburnum roots. Or most of them. Some of the viburnum was growing on top of the soakaway so I had to be careful not to dig too deep. No pictures today because the garden doesn’t look very different. I am now digging a trench behind the greenhouse so I can borrow the soil for the main part of the garden. When I have finished I will put some more turf in the bottom of the trench and put some bits of path on top, which will get them out of the way for the time being.

I have had a great deal of attention from robins and blackbirds. In fact, I’ve seen two robins in my garden at once. One of them was eating worms and the other one was standing there trying to look as if it wasn’t interested in worms. The female blackbird has got through a lot of worms and I hope it likes the cockchafer larvae I left out for it. The great tits are doing the most tweeting but I don’t know what’s fuelling the sound energy because I haven’t seen them hanging around waiting for me to unearth worms for them.

The newts are awake – I saw one in my pond yesterday. I have had no frogspawn but then I didn’t expect any. When I get my new shallow pond, perhaps the frogs will think it is a safe place to bring up their children.

I haven’t seen any cats in my garden since I installed the Big Cheese cat scarer. I have only had one lot of cat mess to clear up in that time, and that was in a place that was not protected. I am hopeful.


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