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Friday 12 March 2010

Tarpaulin expansion

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There was a bit of drizzle early this morning, but apart from that, it hasn’t rained since Sunday 28 February. So the garden renovation project is bounding ahead. It’s still quite cold, but this is good for digging and moving heavy stones about. The hibernating newts under the stones are beginning to move a little more when I pick them up and put them under the piles of rubble next to the temporary pond.

I don’t think my plan is very cohesive at the moment because each time I go out I make a different decision about what to do next. However, I have cut down the viburnum as suggested in my last post. I need to dig out the roots and stumps from quite a large area, though, and I haven’t done this yet. I have also made a start on slicing off the top layer of turf from the area where the pond will go (you can’t see this in the photograph). I am digging a trench along the place where the path at the left hand side of the lawn used to go because I think the ground will be compacted there. I am putting turves into the bottom of each section of the trench and then covering them with soil dug out from the next section of the trench. By the time I am ready to have the hard landscaping done they should have rotted down nicely.

I have also dug away under where the path used to go along the back of the garden, and found a huge nest of rubble, including the customary conglomerate made from the washings out of the cement mixer. Since this area will be where I grow my vegetables and fruit, I think it was worth removing the rubble, but it does add to the cumulative soil shortage and the rubble mountain to be taken away at the end of the project.

So I am continuing to dig over the garden and remove rubble and turf, and make the area as level as possible, and I think I have about two weeks of this before the weeds start growing. Progress will then slow down because I will have to spend time dealing with the weeds.

Progress since I first laid down the tarpaulin

Progress since I first laid down the tarpaulin


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