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Friday 5 March 2010

A better way to cover up

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We haven’t had any rain since Sunday morning! I put in sessions both yesterday and today. Anyone who says that gardening doesn’t count as exercise doesn’t know what they are talking about. My right hand hasn’t quite recovered from breaking up the path foundations last week, and this week my legs are stiff from picking up heavy stones and compost bags, even though I used a sack trolley to wheel them across the lawn. It was quite a slow process moving stones about because I had to keep rehoming the hibernating newts under them. It was nice and peaceful because there was only one Extension Man around, and he was drilling holes in the wall and not shouting or playing his radio.

I decided it was time to tidy up my patchwork arrangements of cat and weed barriers, so I laid down one of my tarpaulins which I bought from B&Q before the heavy rains stopped me doing anything further in December. If I took the wheelbarrow off it, then next time the helicopter flies overhead taking pictures to sell to residents, it might look like I have a swimming pool.

Garden with first tarpaulin in place

Garden with first tarpaulin in place

(This picture was taken yesterday evening. I couldn’t take it during the day because the sun was so bright that it cast very deep shadows and half the picture would have been black).

There was frost on the lawn when I went out this morning, but I was warm enough in the sun. I moved some leaf mould, compost and soil into the trench that was left after I removed the path foundations yesterday. I also dug up some of the viburnum suckers. I think I may dig up the whole of the viburnum sooner rather than later because that will leave me a neat rectangular patch which I can cover with Tarpaulin Number 2. (The viburnum is the evergreen shrub to the left of the compost bins).

I think my most important problem at the moment is to get the ground as level as possible. I want the lawn to be level, but I don’t mind if there is a bit of a hill at the back between the lawn edging and the fence. I think I probably have not got enough soil altogether, but I don’t want to buy more compost until I am sure about how much I need, so I will have to borrow some soil from parts of the garden that I am not developing yet. I think I need to remove the turf from the area where the pond will go, and bury it at the far end of the garden. Then it can be getting on with rotting away underground and will have finished by the time I want to plant anything.

This afternoon the automatic vent on my greenhouse roof opened wide. It is all beginning to look a lot more cheerful out there.


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