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Friday 19 February 2010

Not dead

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It’s about two months since I last made any proper attempt to do some gardening, so I haven’t written anything in my blog either. I am not dead. Neither, I am pleased to say, are most of my plants. I have doubts about my jasmine (officinalis, not nudiflorum) which is looking very shrivelled, and my osteospermums in pots may have carked it too. However, my big clump of osteospermum in the front garden has probably made it through, and the stuff in pots was only offshoots of the big clump. The pelargoniums are dead, but then they are meant to be.

The sun came out this morning, and I raked the leaves off the front lawn. I also walked round the back garden and tried to remember what I was doing. I picked up some bits of dead wood and pulled out some bittercress. And then the men building the extension of the house that backs onto mine came back from wherever they had gone to, and started shouting and playing their radio, and I went indoors again. One step at a time.


2 responses to “Not dead”

  1. Linda Bisset says:

    You are lucky not to have lost any plants. Up here in the frozen North I have lost quite a few perennials notably those I bought last year, including Potato Vine, Jasmine and some Penstemon – to name but a few.

  2. Helen says:

    Poor you. Mind you, the reason that I haven’t lost any penstemon is that all mine died some years ago and I never got round to trying to grow any more. I had thought of getting a potato vine but if we are going to have more winters like this I don’t think I’ll bother. I am still not sure about my jasmine. It hasn’t got any new shoots on it yet, but I will give it a bit longer before I dig it up and put it in the compost bin.

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