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Friday 20 November 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

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We have had very heavy rain recently, and this has slightly held up progress. The garden is very muddy, despite my well-drained sandy soil. I have missed a few sessions because the rain was too torrential. However, this morning a little light rain was quite welcome for cooling purposes as I wielded the pickaxe yet again.

The path foundations, mostly broken up into small pieces

The path foundations, mostly broken up into small pieces

Progress was quite slow at first, but now I have worked out a good technique. The thing to do is to gently bash a groove across the path where I want it to break. When this has been established, give it a few good whacks in various places along the groove until a crack appears. At this point, even if the crack is very narrow, it is possible to lever up the lump of concrete and it will snap off at the groove. Even so, I can’t do too much in one session because I get tired and then there is the risk of injury either to myself or to bits of the garden that I don’t want bashed up. The concrete is heavy too. I can just about carry the sections shown in my photograph, but I find it’s better to roll them end over end across the long-suffering lawn so that my back lasts as long as possible. This is very calorie-intensive work, so it is important to keep replenishing the fuel supplies by eating lots of cake.

I am aware that time is moving on fast. If I really am going to get these works carried out in January, I need to do even more. In time-honoured fashion, here is another one of my lists of things I probably won’t manage to do.

(1) Finish removing foundations of path to the right of where the raspberry frame was.
(2) Map out with poles and string where the pond and lawn will go.
(3) Look at poles and string and dither a bit while trying to decide whether this is what I really want. Move poles and string about and probably go back to original configuration.
(4) Dig up euonymus (the yellow stuff to the right of the black plastic in the overview picture below) and apple tree (at the left of the overview picture, still with leaves on) if they are in the way.
(5) Remove any other paths that are in the way.
(6) Decide which materials to use to build pond (see Kebur at http://www.kebur.co.uk/).
(7) Get quotes from work.

Garden overview

Garden overview


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