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Thursday 5 November 2009

Further destruction

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There are now less than two months to go before I must get quotations for the pond building and lawn edge laying. Unlike last year, I have been very busy with tuition, and haven’t had much time for the garden. I am still in the process of demolishing the raspberry frame. This job is going well.

The demolition of the raspberry frame. Only two posts out of six are still standing.

The demolition of the raspberry frame. Only two posts out of six are still standing.

I have dug up four of the posts, and they were all very easy to remove. I have sawn the posts into approximately two-foot (60 cm) lengths so that I can dispose of the wood later. I tried to bash the concrete footings with a pickaxe, but haven’t made much headway. I was hoping that the concrete wouldn’t be very good and would break up easily, but no such luck. I have to hand it to my dad – he is an expert concrete maker. I think the fact that he made my mum wash all the rubble before we put it in the holes helped the bonding too. Fortunately the concrete-clad sawn-off posts are not too heavy to lift. I will use the sack trolley to transport them to the other side of the garden, out of the way, and perhaps they can be used for rubble when building the pond.

I have been encountering a new threat to the garden development project – foxes. They are moving my ground covering sheets and digging holes. However, there is a distinct reduction in cat mess, so maybe they are keeping the cats away. The foxes could be a big problem because of their ability to dig fairly large holes. I don’t want my new shrubs dug up and I don’t want craters in my lawn. On the other hand, if I could somehow persuade them to dig in certain areas only, they could help create the new pond.


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