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Friday 18 September 2009

Beech nut bonanza

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I can’t remember an autumn that involved quite as many beech nuts in my garden as this one. Perhaps I am noticing them more because quite a lot of them land on my greenhouse roof, but I am sure I have never had quite this many on my lawn before. The nuts come from the beech tree next door. They are being very inefficiently eaten by pigeons. Possibly squirrels are having a go too, but I haven’t seen any so far.

This is a good time for Renovation because (1) I am working fewer hours at Health Promotion because it’s term-time (2) I have some pupils, but the numbers haven’t built up yet to frantic levels (3) the temperature is ideal for heavy work.

I have now moved the contents of two out of my three round compost bins. The first bin was the first one that I filled, so the compost was quite well done. I sieved it and used anything that went through the sieve for repotting members of my Portable Herbaceous Border. I put the lumps in one of my square compost bins by the greenhouse. The second bin was the last one to be filled, so most of the compost wasn’t done yet. It had a lot of waterlily in it from when I emptied the old pond. It also had about ten nasty little vine weevil grubs in it. Since the birds are so busy eating the beech nuts, I decided not to leave the grubs out on the path in the hope that something will eat them. I mean, would you eat vine weevil larvae if there were a zillion beech nuts all over the place to eat instead? So I chopped them in two with my trowel instead. I didn’t find any vine weevil grubs in the first compost bin. Maybe they preferred the sliminess of the not-yet-very-rotted compost.

I need to get some pyracantha with lots of health and safety warnings to plant near my square compost bins to deter burglars. It’s so easy to jump on a bin and get over the fence, and I don’t want anyone doing that. If I can get a variety that is willing to be trained on top of the fence it will deter cats too.

The Sungold tomatoes are still producing, at the rate of one or two tomatoes per plant every day. They have not got blight yet. I love copper fungicide (but I always wash it off before eating the tomatoes).


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