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Wednesday 9 September 2009

I chose the right week again!

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I am taking this week off work and once again I chose the right week! Well, it has been a little drizzly sometimes, but generally the weather has been ideal, and it looks good for the next few days too.

It is now cool enough to attempt to stain the staging of the greenhouse. I really wish I had done this before the greenhouse was installed, but I didn’t think of it. The staging is pretty awful. The wood is very poor quality and the edges have been rough sawn and are very splintery. I started sanding the five pieces of the staging, having first unscrewed them from the supports, and although I can’t say they are nice, they are a lot better than they were before. I have swept the floor of the greenhouse and dusted off the cobwebs with a soft brush, and tomorrow I will clean the staging with methylated spirit and then it will be time to apply some wood preservative before staining it.

I am continuing to monitor my plants for signs of confusion and incompetence. This blackberry ‘Black Satin’ seems to think now is a good time to do a flower.

Could this be a winter fruiting blackberry?

Could this be a winter fruiting blackberry?

It’s in a pot, so I wonder whether if I put it in the greenhouse I would get blackberries in November.

Also worth a look is my little purple violet, which thinks it’s spring.

Lovely violet, wrong time of year

Lovely violet, wrong time of year

My sedums and London Pride are putting on a good display. They are neighbours in my border because the proper name for London Pride is Saxifraga x urbium, and therefore they both begin with S.

Sedum flowering correctly. Not sure about the London Pride.

Sedum flowering correctly. Not sure about the London Pride.

Apart from the greenhouse staining, my most urgent job is to split up and repot some of my perennials, especially the Waldsteinia. In fact, I may plant some of the Waldsteinia in a little strip by the fence. I’m also thinking of putting some ground cover among the thuja at the end of the garden, to deter the cats. As well as that, I am continuing to move the compost from the bins on the left to the bins on the right. This will be several hours’ further work, but there’s no urgency for that. Indeed, since it’s quite heavy work, it’s best to do it when the weather gets cooler.


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