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Monday 27 July 2009

My new plant labeller

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Until now, I have been writing plant names on white plastic labels in pencil. This is fine up to a point, but the writing eventually fades or washes off, and then if the plant dies I don’t know what it was before it died. So I bought a Brother GL-200 plant labelling machine.

Plant labeller with adaptor and sample output

Plant labeller with adaptor and sample output

It is very easy to use. Although it’s obviously not as quick as scribbling on the label with pencil, it’s still quite quick. It also offers flexibility in typeface and size of type. The only thing I would suggest to improve it would be an RHS-approved spell checker (see sample label). After I printed off “Campanula Portenschlagiana” I found that this was not going to fit on a label stick, so I changed to narrow type instead. This is perfectly readable and saves tape, so I have done it with shorter names too.

Some of my plant labels printed this morning

Some of my plant labels printed this morning

I bought the plant labeller from Labelzone because they offered the cheapest price I could find, and they had a UK address and no obvious spelling mistakes on their site, so looked respectable. They delivered exactly what I’d ordered very quickly, so definitely deserve a mention on my blog. Also deserving of a mention is Battery Logic, where I bought eight Uniross Hybrio rechargeable AAA batteries. Although I have an adaptor for the plant labeller, the batteries enable me to use the labeller where there isn’t a convenient plug point, and will save anything stored in the memory. I ordered the batteries on Thursday afternoon and got them on Friday, which was incredibly good.

This morning it rained (thanks again, Met Office, for your summer predictions) and so I got some labels printed. I think I am going to use all the tape that came with the machine, so it’s a good thing I bought a spare cartridge as well. It’s important to use the Chain Print function when printing out a lot of labels or the printer wastes a lot of tape by leaving large gaps between each label.

My prediction about the water pistol in my last entry has proved to be true: the cats now run away as soon as I open the window. Next, they will see me at the window, and as soon as I move away they will know I’ve gone to get the key, and will have run away before I even get as far as opening the window.


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