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Sunday 19 July 2009

Flowers and showers

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I don’t know why I keep paying attention to what the Met Office says any more. They said we were going to have a milder than average winter, and everything froze solid in January and February. Then they’ve said we are going to have a hot and dry summer. Ever since the heatwave it’s rained almost every day.

The rain has been helpful in a way because I haven’t had to do much watering. I would say that I haven’t had to do any watering, but that’s not quite true. A few days ago, after doing no watering at all, I discovered that my buddleia and two of my cornuses (all in pots) were drooping. One of the cornuses looked as if it was about to cark it, but I watered it, and it was looking much better the next day. I decided to take some cornus cuttings as a backup. I am not much good at taking cuttings, apart from pelargonium cuttings, but sometimes I succeed.

I have been able to snatch odd moments in the garden in between showers and thunderstorms. In fact, I managed three hours on Friday morning, and then had the satisfaction of watching it tip it down in the afternoon. However, I have not managed to make much renovation progress. It’s all about trying to keep the weeds from taking over and keeping everything in check. Now that I have weeded all my plant pots, the plants are taking advantage of the extra space and some could do with bigger pots. I pruned the wisteria. I know this isn’t supposed to happen until late summer, but I expect that the chap who invented that rule didn’t have a wisteria that had wrapped itself around a drainpipe in the hope of pulling it off the wall. (What is it with wisterias and drainpipes? Why can’t they just accept one another and live in peace?)

My friend Aubrey has given me a water pistol for the cats. Not having had a mis-spent youth, I wasn’t sure how to use it, but it didn’t take me long to work it out. You fill the reservoir with water and then use the pump to build up the pressure. You have to use the pump between each shot. The spray won’t go right to the end of the garden, but it will certainly go about halfway. To my great disappointment, I have not yet got a single cat. They obviously associate with children who are having a mis-spent youth and know exactly what I am pointing at them. Eventually I won’t need the pistol at all, and I will just have to open a window to make them run away.


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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Helen..sorry I’ve not been in touch recently, will send email shortly, in meantime I’ve having a chuckle about your Wisteria & drain pipe..oh & also cats/water pistols…lol.

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