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Monday 29 June 2009

Annual Willowherb Elimination Stakes

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It is now coming up to the end of June, and this is when I enter the annual competition against the willowherb. The game is to pull it all up before it sets seed. The willowherb has its name inscribed on the trophy for every one of the past thirteen years. What makes me think this year will be any different? Two things: I’m not going away on holiday this summer, and this week, I’ve got a week off work!

The state of my garden in June 2009

The state of my garden in June 2009

The forecast is for a heatwave, gradually turning cooler by the end of the week. There could be thunderstorms and heavy showers, but generally the South should be fairly dry. So I am hoping that I will be able to manage two hours a day from today until Friday. If so, this is what I am going to do:

(1) Pull up every single willowherb plant.
(2) Pull up any other weeds that get in the way.
(3) Collect up all the random pots in my garden and arrange them in stacks according to size.
(4) Repot all parts of the Portable Herbaceous Border that need repotting, and pull out the weeds in the pots.
(5) Trim the marjoram (this is on the left hand side of the garden so you can’t see it in either of the photos in this post).
(6) Prune the apple trees. (OK, this is getting into the realms of fantasy now, so maybe I’d better stop here. It is, after all, a week I’ve got off work, not a year).

And anyway, the right hand side of the garden doesn’t look too bad:

Greenhouse and temporary pond

Greenhouse and temporary pond

It’s a bit green, but that’s hardly a bad thing in a garden.


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