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Sunday 31 May 2009

What happens if your domain name is not renewed

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I know it’s almost a month since my last entry, but that’s because the exams have been approaching. The second and last GCSE maths paper is tomorrow (that’s the linear course – the modular course isn’t over yet) and I said goodbye to five GCSE students last week. One of them gave me a gorgeous, utterly lovely lupin. I have never tried to grow a lupin yet, and so far I have to admit I haven’t done too well. I put it outside on Wednesday evening, and on Saturday morning it was hanging its head and leaves and looking thoroughly sorry for itself. So I put it in a saucer so it can have plenty of water, and this evening (Sunday) it is looking much better. I shall repot it into a bigger pot so it can have a better chance of surviving in the harsh environment of my Portable Herbaceous Border, which does not get watered every day, and never will. At least I realised that it was going to get eaten by slugs (I don’t know how I knew, but I did know) and sprinkled the pot liberally with slug pellets, so it hasn’t.

Since my last post I have taken delivery of 20 bags of organic compost from the excellent Compost Centre (http://www.thecompostcentre.co.uk/). I ordered them by telephone, and the bags arrived one day while I was at work, and I sent off a cheque. Much easier than making several car journeys to buy them from somewhere else. I don’t know whether I will need all 20 bags for this phase of the project, but if not, they will keep until the next phase.

This morning I had a blog-related shock. I noticed on Friday that my helenmpercy.com POP and SMTP servers weren’t working, but I found I could still access my webmail, so I decided to wait a while and contact my hosting company, UKHost4u, if they didn’t start working again. This morning I tried to access my blog, and I got a parking page from some horrible little outfit that had taken over my domain name. I nearly passed out in horror. When I had collected myself enough, I checked that my renewal invoice had been paid, and then contacted UKHost4u to ask them what had happened. I also checked on WHOIS (http://domains.whois.com/domain.php?action=whois) and saw that the domain registration had expired on Thursday – three days ago.

Fortunately this all had a happy ending. I had thought that if someone forgets to renew their domain name and some vulture jumps in and takes it, then the person has lost it. But actually it says on the Internet in various places that there is a thirty-day grace period on .com domains before anyone else is allowed to take over the domain. And when I contacted UKHost4u, they replied almost immediately, saying that the billing system hadn’t renewed the domain and they would do it now, and the website would be back online within 24 hours. The website was back within twenty minutes, and the WHOIS entry was updated too.

Despite the deleterious effect on my blood pressure, I would still recommend UKHost4u as a hosting service because I believe that the measure of any organisation or service is not whether it makes mistakes (subject to reasonable limits), but how well it deals with those mistakes.

Moving from the virtual world back to the real one, my two main gardening problems at the moment are weeds and cats. Of these, I think the cats are troubling me more. I am well used to weeds, and at least they grow in a predictable manner and don’t smell.

The cats, on the other hand, are out of control. I think they must be fighting to own the territory of my garden, and unfortunately they don’t do this simply by biffing each other or chasing each other away, but by trying to turn it into the locality’s biggest toilet. The most effective way of preventing them from doing this is to cover any bare patches of soil with polythene, weighted down round the edges with bits of rubble. Earlier this week I cut up four compost bags and sewed them together with my grandmother’s terylene thread. Artificial fibres are less likely to rot than cotton, and also it’s easier to sew with them because they don’t tangle as easily. I will do this with all my compost bags as I use the contents. As I gradually cover over more and more of the garden, the cats are getting desperate. This morning I saw that they had used the small patches of earth between my stepping stones near the compost bins as their latest latrine. And they had used it very, very thoroughly. It must have been the joint efforts of several cats.

The problem may ease if one cat becomes dominant and the others keep out of my garden. However, I don’t know if this is going to happen any time soon. I am going to be in trouble when I get the lawn made and when I plant my shrubs behind it if I don’t find some way of stopping the cats from performing their biological functions. For the shrubs, I may have to use a membrane, like they do in gardening makeover programmes. For the lawn, I can keep the area wet – I’ll sow the seed in April, before it gets very hot – and possibly use cat repellent, although I have not much confidence it works. Netting is also a possibility, although I’ll need a lot. Perhaps I may have to dig a patch elsewhere in the garden as a sacrifice – if the cats can use that, they may keep off the areas I am working on.

But for now my priorities are to keep the Portable Herbaceous Border alive – that means repotting some of the plants – and carrying on with the renovation work while keeping the weeds down and clearing up after the cats.


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