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Thursday 22 January 2009

Not cold any more but wet

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The weather is just being plain unreasonable. As soon as it gets warm enough for me to get a spade into the ground, it starts pouring down. Nevertheless, things have been happening. For a start, my greenhouse was delivered on Wednesday 14 January. I was at work, but I left the garage unlocked. This is how much space it takes up:

The greenhouse, stored in the garage

The greenhouse, stored in the garage

The base is not getting laid until towards the end of February, but that doesn’t matter because it will give me plenty of time to dig my trench for the cable. I will it as deep as I can be bothered, which is unlikely to be more than 18 inches. The only thing I am worried about is whether, if I dig the soil away from one side of the concrete fence posts, the fence will blow down. I am hoping that the sheer weight of the concrete will hold it fast. Also, unlike the fence on the other side of the garden, it has never shown any signs of wanting to fall down in the past thirteen years, so perhaps it will be all right.

So far I have managed to dig the entire trench to a spade’s depth, and moved all the topsoil over to the area by the pond, which gets it out of the way. I am now excavating deeper, and heaping the subsoil by the trench, so that when I fill it in, I can put the subsoil back in it first. We had two dry days – Tuesday and Wednesday – when I was at work during daylight hours, and then it poured with rain last night and this morning. In the afternoon the sun came out, but of course the ground was still very soggy. I checked the Met Office website, and there is a severe weather warning out for heavy rain this evening, so I decided I had better put in a stint of digging. I put in an hour just before it started to get dark, at about half past four. Because I have sandy soil, it is not waterlogged, but the soil is heavier when wet, so I can’t do as much without getting tired. But at least I did something. We have unsettled weather forecast for the next few days, but perhaps I will be able to continue on Monday.

One of my neighbours came and looked at my damaged fence (see last entry) and thought that it was done by an intruder climbing over the fence. Sadly, I think she is right. Although I had thought the damage must have been done from the other side of the fence because the splinters are on my side, the splinters could also have landed there if someone’s foot pressed down on the wood while heaving themselves onto the shed roof. I’m glad I have chosen toughened glass for my greenhouse if people are going to come into my garden at night and climb on things.


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