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Friday 14 November 2008

More fun with sheds

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On Sunday it was very windy and I was worried that the plastic shed was too light and could get blown over, so I decided to screw it to the wall before putting anything in it. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had to go to work, and then it rained gently all day Thursday, so I had to wait until today. The first thing I did was to push the shed over a bit so that all the water drained off the roof onto the paving instead of onto my head. Then I noticed that the shed appeared to be leaning away from the wall, but then I realised that the paving must have been laid so it was sloping away from the wall, and I wedged some old tiles under the front of the shed, which made it line up with the wall. I thought I would have to drill through the plastic back of the shed, but when I looked I saw that there were a few pairs of recessed holes which looked as if they were meant to be used to screw the shed to something, so I used them.

I have to admit that, although I enjoy playing with my power drill, which was a 21st birthday present from my parents, I am not all that good at drilling holes. However, this time the operation didn’t go too badly. The main difficulty was that the holes in the plastic were some distance from the wall (because of the thickness of the plastic), which makes it difficult to mark where the holes are to be drilled in the wall. My usual technique is to bash a nail into the wall, making a small dent, but I couldn’t find the dents after I had done this, so I decided to use my smallest masonry bit to drill a little way into the wall without damaging the plastic, and then move the shed away and drill a bigger hole. I never know what size hole to drill, because it all depends on how neat a hole I manage to make, but I couldn’t get the plastic wall plugs into a 6.5mm hole so I drilled a 7mm hole, and then when I put my number 10 screws in, the wall plug came out of the right-hand hole so I had to nip down to the hardware shop to buy a 2 1/2 inch number 12 screw. (I already had some number 12s, but they weren’t long enough). I’m now convinced that the shed is stuck to the wall firmly enough to resist the average winter storm.

Although I was pleased to get this job done, I wouldn’t go as far as the Wikibooks entry (http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikijunior:How_Things_Work/Screw). It has a series of questions and answers about the screw, and in answer to the question “How has it changed the world?” it replies, “It has made life worth living”.


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