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Thursday 30 October 2008

Snow in October?

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I couldn’t quite believe it when I opened my curtains yesterday morning and saw how much white there was around. The snow had only settled on the grass and soil, not the paths or roads, but it was still an impressive effort for the time of year. I unwisely cycled to work, but did not fall off.

The day before yesterday I tried to persuade Wilkinson’s to give me a discount on a half-dead plant. It was a skimmia rubella, priced at £5.99. I am after a skimmia for my side border, in the dark next to the pulmonaria. I would prefer a female one, as I think the two male skimmia “Kew Green” planted in our residents’ landscaping would enjoy having a lady living across the road from them, but the male rubella is a good plant. For some reason, skimmias seem to be quite expensive, even for small plants, and had the plant been healthy, it would have been a bargain. But two stems were completely brown down to soil level and the soil was bone dry. I reckoned it had less than a 50% chance of survival (so slightly more than half dead) but for a couple of quid I was willing to take a chance. However, the best Wilkinson’s could offer me was 10% off, and I wasn’t taking those kind of odds. They’ve probably thrown the plant away now. Don’t they know there’s a recession on?

On the plus side, my plastic shed arrived this morning, and I have stowed it away in the garage until the weather gets warm enough for me to assemble it without dropping all the bits because my fingers are too numb to hold anything. I ordered it exactly a week ago, so well done to the Original Gift Company (aka Scotts of Stow).


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