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Friday 24 October 2008

Shed progress

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I’ve had a cold and have been having a rest from gardening, although I did some tidying up yesterday. However, I have made some progress in that I have bought a second shed. I needed a tall one to go next to the short, fat, wide one, so I can put rakes and spades in it. A catalogue from “The Original Gift Company” came through my door, and when glancing through it before putting it into the recycling bin, I saw the perfect shed, called a ‘Sentry Shed’. It’s made of plastic, so doesn’t require drills and saws to put it together, and of course it won’t need painting. I had always assumed that gift catalogues contained entirely things that you would give to someone else but wouldn’t want yourself, but apparently not. Also it shows that junk mails works. Drat.


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