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Wednesday 13 August 2008

The wanderer returns

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All right, I’m not exactly a wanderer, although I have been on a week’s holiday since the last post. It’s just that the longer I left it, the less I felt like writing a post. Also, I wanted to move the blog from its original home in hmptuition.com because that domain is meant to be for work (maths tuition), and I didn’t want to write any new posts until I had completed the move. And so on, etc.

Anyway, I have achieved some small but noticeable progress this summer. I have at last got myself a shed. This shed was delivered in March, but then I had to paint it before assembling it, according to the instructions. And I did! Really. I painted each side of everything with two coats of Ducksback in red cedar and it took ages. Then I looked at the feasibility of putting it together, and decided that I needed some help, so I rang up a nice man who lectures in carpentry at a local college and got him to come round with his bag of tools. The job took three hours, which is surprising when my neighbour said that two men who came to erect her big shed did it in twenty minutes. Well, I suppose they were specialists. The result is rather nice-looking.


My new tool store

I now have the pleasant job of deciding what to put in it, and whether I want to buy another tool store: a taller one that will be able to house longer things like a rake. I also have to think about security. The new shed has a padbolt, but it is not very secure because the burglar just has to unscrew the screws to get in. In a few years’ time this won’t matter because the screws will be so rusty that no one will be able to shift them, but that doesn’t solve the problem now. I may take the padbolt off and fit it with something with concealed screws, like a hasp. For now, I won’t put anything remotely valuable in there. I am also wondering about whether I should put chemicals in there. The temperatures are likely to be more extreme in both summer and winter than they are in the garage.

One reason I needed help with the shed is that I have tennis elbow. I had thought this was not a particularly common injury, but so many people I have spoken to have said that they or their husbands have had it. It’s always men. So far I am the only woman I know who has had this injury. I think I got it through weight training, which I think is unfair because I haven’t increased the intensity of my training for many years. My neighbour (not the one who employed the jet-propelled shed erectors) is a pharmacist and when her husband got tennis elbow she looked at the evidence-based research and found that the only thing that works is rest. So I am resigned to not doing too much pruning and weeding, but I have been rubbing some voltarol gel into my elbow in the hope of benefitting from a placebo effect.


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