Helen's Garden Renovation Project

Sunday 8 June 2008


Filed under: Progress — Helen @ 12:14 pm

With only one A level exam still to go (Core 4 Maths on 12 June) I am now seeing very few students. I have now got time to look out of the window, see the garden and weep. I have to admit, though, that unless there is a drought, crying is not a very good way of dealing with a neglected garden. I have been going out with my secateurs, shears and trowel to try and do something about it. However, progress so far has been minimal, as every time I go outside, I get chatting with one of other of the neighbours, since they haven’t seen me recently any more than the garden has.

Still, this morning I managed to go and have a good hack at the ivy before anyone else got up, and all I can do is to keep working at the weeds and overgrown plants. If we get some fine weather this week, I will make a start at painting the shed, and then I may even be able to nail it together and put things in it.