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Friday 28 March 2008

How to upset a magnolia

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Here is a picture of the magnolia soulangeana that I cruelly dug up and viciously pruned last year. Doesn’t it look really fed up?

Magnolia in pot flowering its hat off

A gardening expert has kindly told me that magnolias hate being pruned and stuck in pots, and that the reason it is flowering is that it is just about to give up the ghost and that it hopes that if it has lots of children someone will be nicer to them than I was. Sadly, I realise this may be true. So I am making sure that I look at it lots of times in case this is the last spring it ever sees.

My tool store arrived just under two weeks ago, but I haven’t assembled it yet because the instructions say that it wants to be painted at least once and preferably twice with decorative wood finish before it is put together. I might have done that this morning, except that it rained heavily from about half past five until about midday. I shall have to wait for a clear day so it has a chance to dry after being painted. I think I shall probably also have to buy some more wood paint.


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